Sunday, March 18, 2007

To my mom:

I'm so glad your home so you can tell me I need to sweep the sawdust out of the driveway, that I need to tell my parents where I'm applying for jobs or go live somewhere else. Thank you so much for butting your nose into my business. Because you obviously know what I'm going through and how much "help" you can give me on shit.
I'm so glad you're back to be a bitch in my life again.
Because you are "supplementing 80% of my living expenses" obviously you need to know what I'm doing with my time all day.
EXCUSE ME?!? I pay my DSL/phone bill, I pay my credit card, I pay for my clothes and food. The only thing you're supplementing me is my rent. But obviously that is "80% of my living expenses" I guess my calculations are a little off.
You already feel you can take me away from whatever I'm doing when ever you come up to my visit to talk with you. That you can enter my apartment at any time you want to. That you have the right to criticize how I live.

If I had the money, you can bet I would move as far away from you as I could. I had a dream last night where I just picked up and left because I couldn't stand how you criticize and judge me all the time. I even remembered what I packed, and almost made a list this morning. I am so sick of this cloud of judgment you hang over my head. I'm not allowed to do certain things because you have so much control over me.
I LOVE the city I live in, but I would leave it just to get away from you.


NTSMaddog said...

wow, tell us how you really feel. :)

WW said...

Ummm....too late. ;)