Sunday, March 11, 2007

At least you got it all out

Las Vegas, NV: Officer Evan Rosenthal,
“I don’t want any problems with you,” Ummm too late “I thought you was a thug…I thought it was Christmas” Wow, Officer Rosenthal gets really on edge when you call him a thug
Fontana, CA: the patron saint of all drug dealers, the Cadillac key that’s kinda worn down on the sides. It’s always somebody else
Boise, ID: Officer Chris Rogers
OK, dad sucks, let me lecture you like you’re a teenager. Am I the only one that thought it was funny Mom called him Mr. Rogers?
Palm Beach County, FL: Deputy Mark Lanier
Now here’s a thought, we always see and hear about the criminals kicking out the side windows (some even in bare feet), why don’t they make the windows stronger?
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Anthony Pilutik,
Yes, I can now recognize Officer P by his voice. Why do they make them cross their ankles when they sit down? My first thought would be to make it harder to run, but I don’t think it would make that much of a difference. I love this ep, where the guy has a note about how he’s getting his drugs, and he forgets to throw it away. Some people make it soo easy for the cops. “What am I supposed to do?” “Your’s supposed to not smoke crack”
Pittsburgh, PA: Detective Calvin Kennedy
“Most of the people down here know our cars are drug cars” Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of an unmarked car?

And the stattuete goes to
Officer Anthony Pilutik
Palm Springs, CA
(big surprise there, huh?)

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Anonymous said...

Thank You, thank You, thank you! I will take a bow. I love my stattuete! So, now you know my voice and what I sound like huh? That's cool, I don't think I even know what I sound like. Stay warm in all of that snow. It is 100 degrees in Palm Springs!!!
Take care,
Officer P