Friday, February 23, 2007

Every song another scene

I gotta stop working concerts where shit happens that scares me. This is the second time this has happened. The last concert being the GnR concert in Dec.
Well, tonight was Dierks Bentley, and everything was mellow, no problems, until the end, that is. Anyway, there was a group of muscled cowboys, that were out on the walkway. We had 2 officers on tonight (the college ones, that don't have guns, but otherwise have all the powers of other cops). I saw them run outside, and then they were throwing a guy up against the door, had him down on the ground and in cuffs. They bring the guy inside and he's apologizing profusely, and they're talking to him. Then the rest of the cowboys start coming in, that's when I got scared. Personally, I can handle my own, but there were about 10 guys all nicely built, I would have been trampled. We notified the officers, one of them takes the guy in cuffs to the side, the other is trying to talk to the cowboys, one of our environmental service guys comes by (he's pretty big) and the other long door person was also trying to separate them. I decided to keep the onlookers away, two reasons, I knew if anything happened, I'd be knocked out so fast, and we all know people love to butt in and make the situation worse. But I was scared because there was no one else we could call, the only 2 officers on duty were already there, and we didn't really have any big buff guys working tonight.
I believe I'm good now, but I wouldn't mind a comforting hug.


Jason said...

Just curious, maybe it's my dirty mind, but how would you get knocked up in a riot? ;-)

WW said...

Yes, it is your dirty mind, and my typo. That will be changed to 'out'. I meant I'd be out for the count so fast.

Jason said...

I just couldn't resist. Sorry.