Monday, February 12, 2007

By now in New York City, there's snow on the ground

So, I was washing my bedclothes today, and while they were in the washer, I was keeping the TV company, and I stumbled over a show called Cowboy U. Where 8 people go to a ranch and get trained to be cowboys and all the stuff they have to on ranches. And at the end, 4 of these people get to compete in a bull riding contest for $25,000. And as I was watching this show, I thought it would be the most fun to go and have to do that. Now, I watch a couple reality shows: Cops, Survivor, and the Amazing Race, and I've told friends and family the only one I would really want to be on (maybe) would be the Amazing Race, but I would love to be on this one. Click on the name above for more info on it. Unfortunately the show is on CMT so I won't be able to watch it any more.
Well, that pork roast I made last night, just doesn't taste good to me. It's way too sweet for a meat, guess that's what I get for buying the honey mustard seasoned one. But it was that, mequite barbeque or regular. And I felt really sick after eating it, personally I don't think it was the roast because it usually takes a couple of hours before I get sick from food. I'm thinking it was something in the brunch I ate earlier in the day. It was my dad's birthday yesterday, so we went to a local outdoor garden that has a conservatory and had a brunch special for that day. They had Eggs Benedict, and the yolk was somewhere inbetween soupy (like it's supposed to be for eggs benedict) and all the way cooked, so I think it was that (at least I sure hope it was that and not something else I ate during the day).
After brunch, we went to the Lowe's store to look at bathroom vanity's (the cupboard thing the sink is on) sinks, showers, floors, and lights, just to see what was out there. I don't think the contractor is ordering from Lowe's (not sure though). So, we found a nice one (for the space, 30") with a door underneath, 3 drawers on the side, and a wide drawer under all that. Also a nice blue sink, made with some kind of material that's supposed to better withstand wear and tear and easier to clean than just porcelain, I get a 36" shower, which is about normal size single shower (they had one there that someone had sort of ripped the plastic out of so you could climb into it, it was a nice fit, but the plastic hanging out over the sides kinda made me claustrophobic), mom wasn't sure if I would get a door (not sure if there is going to be enough room for it to open), though we looked at some nice glass patterns. We're looking at wall sconces for lights, as they don't want to rip up the ceiling if they don't have to. And we found some nice flooring patterns. Mom said they're ripping the walls and floors right down to the studs and building up from there. I wish they'd start just so I could see them working on (also to get the damn thing done I WANNA SHOWER IN MY OWN BATHROOM).
I'm so excited I get to sign up to work Dierks Bentley tonight, and Cirque Du Soleil, I can't wait. I'm crossing my fingers that I get all the hours I want. I usually call in right at the start time for my level, so I should be ok (plus the next level up from me is supervisors, so I should be ok).
And I'm sitting here eating a bag of potato chips, yummy

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