Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have we lost our wings?

UGH so, in the last hour or so, since I posted I moved my stereo, 2 tiny bookcases from the hallway (and all the stuff on them) and my poster (of my target from when I was in the CPA) into the living room, as well as cleared a space for my bed. My mom called me about 10 minutes ago, and said that she would call me in the morning and let me know the plan, I told her I had moved almost everything, to which she replied "We don't actually know when this is gonna happen" Thanks a lot mom, this morning when you told me, it sure sounded to me that I needed to move things ASAP. Maybe she's just surprised I got it done so fast (I have a tendency not to do things when she asks me). And now I have to move my stereo back into my bedroom, because I go to sleep listening to that music, and wake up to it. SIGH
Oh, and I made this great pork roast (OK, so I bought it, it already had the spices and was marinated and everything, and popped it in the oven). But now I have this great piece of meat, and no one to share it with.

Also, beware of falling flames, this was in the police report today:
Operator took a complaint that individuals driving north of B on a road observed what they described as a large fire ball falling from the sky. Deputies checked the area as the complainants were concerned that it could have been a plane. After finding nothing and checking with the National Weather service it was determined to have been a meteor, as the weather service was receiving such sightings statewide.

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