Saturday, February 24, 2007

the attacked defenseless young couples

Not that I need to watch COPS for the action tonight, seeing as how I got a little bit of it last night at the concert…Unfortunately, that didn’t come with any hotties (unless you count the 10 cowboys that almost started a little something more….)
Cincinnati, OH: Officer Donny Meece,
Here’s a question for all you cops out there: can you just look at a gun and know what kind it is?
Brevard, CO:FL: Deputy Jason West,
Now why do all the druggies always say there’s nothing in the vehicle and then OK the cop looking in the car? You don’t have to let them search.
Extra kudos for the boyfriend for just sitting there while the cops are doing all this shit. We all know most of the time, the other person runs off and makes it worse.
I seriously doubt he would pass the drug test too, Deputy, just based on the fact that he keeps looking away every time he answers the question.
Did y’all ever notice that most of the people they come in contact with that are smoking cigarettes, they generally have some drug in the car, I’ve noticed it’s mostly weed, but is it just me who’s noticed this?
So, I saw a commercial for the new movie, Shooter, today. I wanna see that, if only for the fact that Mark Wahlberg stars in it. I have to say I’m glad “Marky Mark” switched to movies from music.
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Anthony Pilutik,
Goddess told me Officer P was on today and I was excited, I miss seeing the hottie cops. And I like you better in a car than on bike patrol, personal preference.
Now why was the weed considered a little bit when it was a bigger bunch than the “ a lot of meth”?
I love it, dude is bouncing and sweating profusely, but still insists he’s not on drugs. Yeah, good luck anyone believing that.
There’s that famous line: “I hope this is a wake-up call for you” I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. And yes, we all know that’s the segment that the opening sequence part was taken from
Brevard CO, FL:
Ya know I never had that problem I don’t know a lot about drugs, but I can guarantee there is none in my clothes, my apt, or in any of my possessions. I’d even let y’all search, course the innocent people never let the cops search, it’s always the guilty ones
OH, by the way, I must be doomed with this whole movie about all the bad shit about the number 23. cause I am 23, so I am screwed.
Hillsborough Co, FL: Deputy James Ennis, Deputy Gerald Stewart
Officer Anthony Pilutik
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Rebecca said...

I loved Officer P's totally condescending "Uh huhhh" when the druggie told him the back pack wasn't his..LOL!