Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mama's dancin' with baby on her shoulder

Well, I got sucked into the American Idol auditions, cause they're funny. One pointer to the people auditioners, if they judges start laughing, you should stop and just leave. That's not a good sign. But it makes for a great show. I needed a laugh today and when William Green started singing Amazing Grace, oh shit, I'm crying now, and I wasn't the only one. And the people who cuss out the judges, wow, that's entertaining shit. But the girl who came in looking all sad, and then was bummed cause the judges were negative from the beginning, well if you came in with a better look on your face, maybe they wouldn't have. It's all about first impressions. But I wanna know how you get the job of handing out the golden tickets, or just to be a fly on the wall in that room.
Oh, and they need a sign on one of their doors. They have a set of double doors that the contestants walk out of, and the left one is always locked. They showed a whole bunch of people getting stuck trying to get out. That was very entertaining too. Reminded me of work.

Oh, and the best commercials from Sunday were the Coke through the times one (a Coke bottle, a date, and something historical that happened. Celebrating Black History Month) the Tostitos one (where everyone's in front of the TV watching the game, saying how much it took to get them here, I thought it was a look at Black History Month as well, but they didn't actually say that), the rock, paper, scissors Bud Light (two guys go for the last beer in a cooler, decide to rock, paper, scissors for it, one guy throws a rock at the other guy and walks away), the Snickers kiss (two guys in a garage fixing a car, one guy sticks a snickers in his mouth, other guy chomps on the other end, they start eating it until they meet each others lips, hop back, and then decide they have to do something manly, so they rip a piece of chest hair off) and Coke fantasy (where it shows the imaginary world in the Coke machine).

People think we'll believe anything, I just saw a commercial for a product that's supposed to get rid of joint pain, with just a spritz of this stuff in the mouth. Yeah Right.

What does one do when they know they're neighbor is smoking weed? I'm almost completely sure this guy is, cause I have a really good nose. But, I'm pretty sure the cops aren't gonna go get a warrant just cause he smokes a little weed.
Also (this bit could just be me being paranoid), a car stopped across the street and sat there for 20 minutes. No one got out, no one got in, they just parked the car there and sat there for 20 minutes, then started it up and drove off.
Who can tell me what muscle is right in front of my ribs? That's been hurting lately, more when I shovel.

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Carrie said...

If you smell something like a mix of skunk and garbage, and there's isn't a skunk or a bunch of garbage around, it's probably weed. If it really bothers you, and you want him busted, you can always call the cops and complain about it. It's been awhile since my intro to law class, but a complaint plus the ability to smell it outside the apartment could give them cause to search without a warrant. Again, it's been awhile since my law class though, and I don't have my book handy, so I could be wrong. Even if it was enough to get the cops to bust him, you'd have to decide if you want to be that kind of neighbor.

Duffy had pain in the muscle in front of his ribs a few years ago, and then he got a rash that pretty much followed the pain. It turned out to be shingles, but really, it could be a number of things.