Saturday, February 17, 2007

Baby can you hear

So, I’m sitting here with my Vault and donuts watching cops, it would be more fitting if I was drinking coffee, but I don’t drink coffee
I like Cutie Cook in the opening sequence.
Las Vegas, NV: Officer Evan Rosenthal
Where’s this guy think he’s gonna go, up the pole and then jump off into the road? “What is wrong with you?” I was wondering the same thing Officer Rosenthal. This guy does not stay still, he’s like a little baboon especially when he’s doing that thing where he’s trying to break the cuffs. I love it how he uses the technical term of ‘little people’. Famous parting words: “Don’t get in trouble”
Boise, ID: Officer Brian Lee,
UGH, the guy keeps complaining that its her fault, maybe if he stayed away from the damn house once he bonded out of jail…IDIOT
All the guys that were in the mob in front of the jackass were hotties. It was a mob of hotties, and they didn’t tell us a single name, sigh.
Chattanooga, TN: Officer Derrick Pendergrass
Alright, y’all tell me if this is wrong: I can now recognize Officer Derrick by his voice. OOO, I’m gonna have to find me a shirt like this guy’s, I’ve always wanted to wear the British Flag, it goes along great with his “Volvo”. “Did I just see things?” Come on, Officer Derrick, we all just ‘see things’ all the damn time, don’t tell me it’s just me. So, is it obstruction for eating the drugs?
OK, Officer Derrick, you gotta tell us you’re ok. Your face looks extremely thin on this segment.
I liked seeing Officer Pilutik in the opening sequence of the 2nd episode again.
Brevard County, FL: Deputy Craig Carson
Someone’s got great friends. I’m hoping if I was ever stupid enough to steal a car, my friends wouldn’t tell the cops that I just did it. What’s that line, good friends tell the cops that you just stole a car and real friends are in the passenger seat saying “What a rush!”? Now am I the only one that yells “Trip! Trip!” at the TV when they see the suspect running?
Thank you cops cameraman, we all know there’s a helicopter up there, you don’t need to look up and show us.
And it’s another mob of hotties. Y’all really need to give us names for them. Oh, I love it “There’s just no losers here” How about the idiot that you arrested, I’m pretty sure going to jail isn’t what a winner gets to do
Spokane, WA: Officer Joe Denton, Officer Blaine Kaduka
OK, all you cops out there, what does one stripe mean?
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Cary Carrillo, Officer Raymond Miller
“are you on parole?” “Probation sir” “For the same thing?” “For the same thing” so, he learns quick? And the moral of the story is: never get in a car that you don’t know where it came from.
“said he knew it was stolen, but he used it anyway” Once again, smart guy.
“…and I love it when they don’t get away.” I’d have to say you’re not the only one Officer C.
And this week's statuette goes to: Officer Joe Denton

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Rebecca said...

Trip! Trip! Gurl, that is just cruel. Can't believe I never thought of it...