Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tonight I wanna cry

Well I'm bummed about cops this week, not quite enough hotties. Not by far.
And, it was Florida week, what's up with that? I wanted to see Officer Pilutik this week :( I know he's got more segments on, cause we haven't seen either of the segments which the opening clips are from (the one where he's sticking someone in a cell, or the traffic stop one). I wonder when those are gonna be on.
Palm Beach County, FL: Deputy Dan Frend, Deputy Anthony Johnson,
Palm beach county, FL: Deputy James Evans, Deputy Jason Johnson,
Brevard county, FL: Deputy Chris Little,
Idiot who’s riding with his buddies in a stolen car; “dude i never run from the police in my whole life, never had too” but he ran from the officer earlier.
West Palm Beach, FL: Officer Roy Bevell, Sgt Tony Spatara,
And this week's statuette goes to:

Corporal Paul Heckler from Palm Beach County, Florida cause he looks mighty damn fine without those glasses.

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