Monday, February 19, 2007

Take your love and hit the road

OK, so the carpenters put in a makeshit wall where the end of the shower is, and stuck a box in the wall where the medicine cabinet is going to be. Now the bad news. Somewhere in the line of tenants in this apt SOME IDIOT put a couple holes in the tiny north wall between the bathroom door and the end of the eaves. So, when the carpenters put in this box, they had to nudge what THE IDIOT stuck in the hole to cover it up, back out into the room, so now there are cracks in my wall. Now, THIS IDIOT covered up these holes by nailing a full length (or almost) mirror to the wall in front of the hole, so you couldn't tell. I wish we could figure out who THIS IDIOT is so we could charge them, cause basically it's their fault that we may have to replace the wall. Now, I'm hoping that its just causing cracks in the paint as I can't see the wall underneath the paint, that shouldn't be too hard to fix, hell we'll probably just ignore that (I got cracks in the paint all over the apartment). But one of the holes has a patch of drywall in it, nicely cut to the size and painted over (that might not have been a tenant, it's pretty nicely done).
Also, the carpenters had to level the floor, well in doing that the wall on the other side of the doorway is cracked in the corner where my bedroom doorway is. This is bad.
The other thing I'm pissed about (I'm not really pissed about the above, I know my parents aren't gonna be too happy though) is Kenny Chesney's concert schedule. So, last night KC was on 60 minutes (they had a tiny clip on him) so this morning my morning show was talking about him, and said that all next week you can win tickets for his concert, when he comes to the area. I was crossing my fingers and hoping that he would come here. But, no, he's going to DM in April, just like Keith Urban is in August. I'm so sick of people going there instead of coming here.

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