Thursday, February 01, 2007

How can you call this redemption?

As most of y'all know I love the military (if I have to explain it to ya, you shouldn't be in this country), especially the Marines (if I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand). For the last hour I have been reading one of the things I look forward to every week. It makes my life so much more enjoyable. What is it? It's the Marine newsletter. Go here to read it.
The letters that touched me the most this week were a few that described how badly they were treated when returning from Vietnam, in great detail; one from a Marine about how he felt connected to his great ancestors who fought in the Civil War; one about how his daughter was transformed through boot camp and training; a newspaper article on a Marine who fought in World War I, one from a Marine who went out of his way to drive another Marine to see his parents before he was shipped out, and how upset his girlfriend was for going out of his way; one from a Marine who still gets goosebumps when he sees Marines graduate at Parris Island; one from a Marine talking about the brotherhood between Marines of different eras and wars.
I've read this newsletter for years, I really don't know how long, at least throughout my college years, if not before.

Some new blogs I stumbled over this week: a couple who write about their experiences together and their work. Nothing really different from most people's but I find them pretty interesting. I'm adding them to my links on the side. Flat Coke and Flies and Bat Shit Crazy . So check those out.

Oh, and did you hear the great news? Armed and Famous is over. Thank God. I hate watching shows that pretend to be real, but are so obviously fake.
Among other TV news (yeah not really news, but deal with it), I hate FOX lately. Cops is delayed and Bones was delayed because of college basketball. Everyone else gets to watch these shows when they're broadcast (at their regular times), me I have to wait until 9:30, and God forbid I be watching something else at 9:00, because FOX has to have their damn news at 9:00. AAARRGGHHH!!! Don't worry, I'll be fine. Just means there will be a bit of delay (again) in my cops posting until college basketball doesn't fall on a Saturday night.
And, I think I've become less interested in CSI (the original) since, Grissom left for his 4-week sabatacal (or however the hell you spell it) I just have't been interested in taping it lately. Not a problem when I get to watch Supernatural and not have to deal with having to watch it later.

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