Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He gets up before the dawn

Ya know I was all excited cause I got a shower today. But leave it to mom, to bring down my mood. She was all pissy because there is no insulation in the wall behind the shower, or the north wall of the bedroom, which they "can't" get to now because of the shower. I stuck the can't in quotes, cause if you look at it, one can still get in there, but mom says they can't. And why if she's in a pissy mood does she have to be snippy at me? I didn't do anything, go be bitchy at someone else.
I got to come home from work and vacuum, cause the electricians were here today, installing an exhaust fan, and hooking up wires for the fan and lights. Well to put in the fan they had to go up in the attic and drill a hole in the roof, so there was nasty black insulation all over. So, I got to vacuum the hallway, and then the stairs, which is not fun because the stairs are so narrow that you have to hold on to the vaccuum cleaner so it doesn't fall on you and then bend and use the hose on the stairs. So not fun. And now I'm extremely tired, so I'm going to bed soon.

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