Sunday, February 11, 2007

What else should I be?

OK, background first:
In December (not quite sure when) my mother found water dripping from her ceiling, underneath my bathroom. So she comes upstairs, and we figure out its my bathtub faucet, which wasn't turned off real tight. But we also found out that it drips when I use the shower (it's one of those old bathtubs converted into a shower). So, since then I've been going downstairs to use my parents shower (it sucks). My parents decided to basically redo my bathroom as they would have to keep replacing the faucet, and this way they won't have to redo the bathroom in a few years anyway. So, since then, we've have quite a few contractors (for all the shit you need them for) and building code people come through and talk about options, leave and talk some more. My mom informed me today, she's gonna push on the main contractor to get it started as she wants it done before she has surgery (I will elaborate on that below) on the 23rd or 26th of Feb (that's 2 weeks from last Fri or today). So, she said she's gonna have me move out of the bedroom (because my bathroom is located in the bedroom) and stick a piece of plastic up so the dust and shit doesn't get into the bathroom. Also, I will be moving crap out of the hallway, and having sheets/plastic hung up in the doorways to my kitchen and living room (as there are no doors to separate rooms in my apt).
In early December, my mom went to the hospital for chest pains, while there they did chest x-rays and found a spot on her lungs that wasn't there 6 yrs ago. So, they've decided to have surgery to take it out, as they can't figure out what it is otherwise. The surgeon likes to do it within 3 months of when it's first noticed.
So, I have to move my bed (at least the mattress), stereo, clock radio, clothes, and various other shit into my living room. I finally got my apt ready to have people in it and we have to do this. My mom says it will take about 2 weeks (give or take a couple days). Thankfully, I have the laptop, so I won't have to deal with moving the computer. BUT THIS SUCKS!!!!!.
Anyone in my vicinity wanna come over and help? Course I'm planning on doing it today, with the exception of the mattress, that is hard shit moving that by myself.

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Carrie said...

My parents did some stuff to the kitchen a few years ago, and it was a HUGE pain, even though I was only there on the weekends. I hated having crap everywhere and having all of the stuff in the cupboards rearranged. Have fun with that.

Also, I hope everything with your mom goes well.