Thursday, February 08, 2007

I will fight for love until the death

I really gotta stop watching this show. This show being Supernatural, hell the car alone turns me on. Doesn't usually turn me on until I get into bed, but tonight, wow.
What I wouldn't give to have a guy here right now. It's just like everytime I see that commercial for Ghostrider. I am gonna have some dreams tonight. Maybe I can blame it on the alcohol buzz, course that's mostly worn off by now (except for being way too tired).
I was very lazy today, I went through all my CD's (purchased and made by me) to make sure all the songs were on my computer so I could make sure they were all on my mp3 player. I could have sworn I had the sonw Black Velvet by Alannah Myles, but I couldn't find it. Tomorrow I'm going downstairs with a couple CD's to see if there's any songs down there. Unfortunately there's not much food here, so I didn't eat much all day. So then about 6:30 I downed a 12 oz (yeah not very much, but I'm a tiny person) Bacardi in a few minutes. And almost immediately, I got that little alcohol buzz, didn't wanna move too much, very tired (that's still there), and very warm. And everything is way too damn loud.


Goddess said...

What show? Men?

WW said...

Yeah, ok. This was posted at 8:08, MIT wasn't even on yet. No.
This would be Supernatural, hell the car alone turns me on.

Ambulance Driver said...

Nice blog you have here, Wendy! Thanks for the comments on my blog!