Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The hotel bar hangover whiskeys gone dry

UGH! I am so sick of waiting for this bathroom project to be done. I'm sick of being mellow and reassuring myself that it will be done soon. It's not gonna be done by Friday, my mom told the guys that they didn't have to work last Sat, basically meaning they didn't have as strict a deadline as before. When they were tearing up the floors/walls last week they found a pretty big hole in one of the pipes, so today they were replacing the pipe, but apparently something happened where they had to call the plumbing inspector to make sure they could cut so far (whatever, I'm not really sure), and that delayed them hooking up the pipes for the shower drain. They did finish the piping for the toilet, plus there. But as of now, all I have is a plywood floor, 2x4's as a wall where the end of the shower is gonna be, and some wall supports. THAT'S IT!!! I'M SO SICK OF HAVING TO GO DOWNSTAIRS EVERYTIME I HAVE TO TAKE A PISS!!! I was already used to having to go downstairs for a shower, though that's annoying too. Is it so bad to want to come home from the Dierks Bentley concert Saturday morning and use my OWN DAMN TOILET?
My mom figured while we had the wall opened behind my bed, she'd get an electrician to add some outlets in the wall, since there aren't any at the moment. So, once I got home from work, I stirpped down to my tank top and underwear and had to move shit out of the way. Course while I was in there I dug out my motorcycle helmet (cause one of my work buddies said we might go for a ride on Thurs). I figured since I would just be changing into my pajamas and I didn't want all the shit from the floor to get on my pajamas and into my bed, I'd just work in less clothes. I'd have to say it's pretty comfortable and its not like anyone but me and my pig are seeing me.

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