Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dancin' down on Sunset Strip

Well that was the most interesting concert I've ever worked. And I'll NEVER buy a ticket to a Guns n Roses concert. So we had about 6000 people in the house for the show. There were 900 general admission tickets sold, those were on the floor, and I'm pretty sure half the people I had try to come into the main entrance were general admission, which meant I got to send them back outside (I'm guessing it was only about 20 degrees outside, if that much) in their skimpy ass clothing, and no coats to another door. I didn't have that much trouble with people coming in at the beginning except for the general admission people, and I got really sick of them asking if I was kidding. The problems started about 10:30, there were 3 or 4 opening acts, including a stripper show (I know I'm not the only one that was apalled about that), and at about that time people were wondering if Axel was coming on stage, and of course they were drunk (Most or all of them had been drinking since they arrived and we opened doors at 7, given that they can buy 2 beers each time you go to the beer stand). So we had quite a few people that were vehemently pissed. I'm thinking between 10:30 and 12:30 (when he finally came on) 1/4 of the people had left. We had quite a few people argue with us, personally I didn't have too many problems, I did have one guy that wouldn't take no for an answer, but then the cops happened to come by, and that took care of it. People are so big and rebellious until the cops show up. We have a policy (I'm pretty sure most centers do) where you can't leave in the middle and come back, and since a ton of people were pissed and tired, they left, and then when they heard he was coming on, a bunch tried to come back in. Course no one got in. We also had quite a few problems with people leaving through our smoking patio (cause we always have a huge turnout of smokers at concerts), and trying to come back in another door, and of course they were sent back to the smoking patio.
Now, we had one guy that was a problem all night, he had a general admission ticket and we had told him at least 3 times he had to go down there, and I'm pretty sure he left a couple times through the smoking patio and tried to get back in our door. After dealing with him at least 5 different times, we told him, he wasn't coming back in and that he needed to leave. Well at one time we had about 5 people standing inside (we have outer doors, a little place and then inside doors, so there's probably about 10 feet by 50? feet where people can stand but not be all the way inside) complaining to each other that both the door ladies were bitches, I didn't need to hear it, I could tell. And this guy comes back in (all the outside doors are locked but some of the other people let him in), so he (green coat guy) and another pissed guy (bald guy), started going to different doors playing with us. My supervisor was at our door at that time, so while me and the other lady were dealing with BG, he dealt with GCG, and they got to talking in-between the doors and my supervisor asked him to leave and GCG turned around and hit my supervisor, so that guy didn't get to go home, he got to spend the night in a cell (I'm guessing anyway, last I saw the cops were leading him off to another door). That was the only big problem I had. We had heard over the radio calls for officers and paramedics on the floor.
After Axel started at 12:30, he was on until about 3, and I finally made it home about 3:45. Put my long 9 hours in, and I get to go back to work basketball in about an hour. I'm debating about that, because I really don't feel good. I don't know if that's an after effect of the concert or not, I do know my sore throat (from talking and the smoke and stuff in the air), my headach, and my aching legs are after effects.

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