Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Relax, don't do it

ok, so once again, I'm a little slow on posting the hotties from Sat night, but I worked the GnR concert Friday from 6:30 to 3:30AM, then had to work basketball, and went to Walmart Sat night, that's why I taped COPS. And since then, I've had a cold, which is making me obscenely tired, with a runny nose, sore throat, and I believe I have a fever cause I keep fluctuating betwen too hot or really cold.
Brevard County, FL: K-9 Deputy Ben Wheeler, and Deputy Justin Gould
Palm Beach County, FL: Deputy Mark Lanier, Deputy Engel Perez,
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Anthony Pilutik
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Pedro Nanez, whoever the younger officer with the glasses is
Pittsburgh, PA: Officer Mike Reddy, Officer Jerry Kabala
Palm Beach County, FL: Deputy Scott Yoder,
I commend the cops for jumping in the water, hell I'd let him drown, just get on the other side of the lake(?) and get him there. Oh, and I feel sorry for the camera guy, I mean with the cops they kinda had to, but the camera guy could have zoomed in and waited.
"I have no problem paying the $10" "Then why are we out here with this problem?" My question exactly. Sometimes I wonder how the cops can keep their tempers, I know I have a temper, and I don't think I ever could. Hell, I had a hard enough time keeping myself from hitting a guy on Friday, because he was being an ass, finally I left. I was telling the other chick I was working with, that I had to leave, otherwise we'd be calling the cops back up, and I may be going on an assault. I tell ya, some drunk people and their consistent arguing just so gets on my nerves.
I love it how the criminals always think the cops don't see them throwing shit out the window. I didn't throw nothing out the window. You're right, Goddess, it makes them so much more believeable when they say "I swear to God..."
If I had an award for goodnaturedness (that's probably not a word, but y'all know what I mean) it would so go to Officer William Hutchinson, the whole time this guy's saying he's chickenshit and fighting with him, he's nice to him and not letting the guy get on his nerves.
No offense to the officers, or the depts they work for, but I know that (and generally look for extra antennae on) luminas are cop cars, I know my PD has 2 unmarked Luminas. Course I also know that Ford Crown Vics are either unmarked cop cars or old people cars as well.
"So you just give strangers 50 bucks to fill prescriptions" Yeah, I give money to strangers all the time. People are so fucked up.

goes to Deputy Greg Richter.
I decided him because he looked pretty damn fine later in the segment when he took his uni shirt off and had a nice tat peeking out from his T-shirt sleeve. And we all know I melt when I see ink.

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