Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Something tells me your here

OK, so I've been debating whether to post this or not, and I decided to, especially after my dad kept bothering me last night (that I will explain later).

So my family and I went out to eat Friday night at the Chicago Speakeasy in DM, not a good experience all around. We waited about an hour for a table (that includes the 50 min until they called our name, we go up there, and the lady didn’t notice the “N” in front of our name for non-smoking, so we waited another 10 minutes) Then once we sat down, we waited at least 10 min for the waitress to take our order and another 10 or so before it came out. Now compare that with the couple who sat down about 5 min after we did, got their order before we did, and their check and had much better service from the waitress and left about 20 min before us. Yes, I know, it was just a couple and there were 4 of us, but still. And then once we got the bill, we sat around for another 10 min for her to pick up, until we finally decided to just leave cash and go.
It was good food, but the rest of it was ridiculous.
But anyways, I was saying how Ross should have something good for me under the tree, and he’s like, that’s why your graduation present was wrapped in 2 different papers. And my dad’s like it was a very expensive gift. So, I thought I’d look up online how much it cost (because if you read an earlier post, I broke the plastic cover on the viewfinder/viewer window). Well it was almost $200, which is pretty expensive, but not on Ross terms (cause he makes a lot of money anyway), and my mp3 player was a little less than twice as much as the camera. Which I haven’t broken yet, cross my fingers. I just find it kinda weird how dad was telling me that the camera WAS SO EXPENSIVE. And I was also thinking, that this is typical of my brother. Now, I’ve never wanted a camera, it’s just not something I want. I don’t have the inkling to take pictures of things, unless maybe we’re at a family gathering and I’m helping out mom. So, Ross just got me something that any other chick would want, and not what I would want (I thought of this before I broke it by the way)
Last night we went out to look at the winner's of the lighting contest. And somehow we got into talking about my camera again. And my dad just kept saying It's a very expensive present. I think maybe he wanted to get me to tell Ross that I broke it. Cause I was pissed last Wed and broke down and told my mom about it (surprisingly she didn't seem pissed), so I think she told dad, and he wanted me to tell Ross, yeah right. I just don't understand why dad didn't remind me that the mp3 player was so expensive, cause that was almost twice as much as the camera. I just don't understand. Yes, I know I broke it, and I'm pretty sure you know I broke it (because of the way you were acting), but it still works, the viewer just isn't a completely clear picture. It works fine. Get off my back.

And yesterday, my dad tells me to come downstairs, that my mother got a phone call that she wants to share with all of us. My first thought, well that can't be good. About 4 weeks ago, my mother went to the emergency room with chest pains, the dr's decided it was a slight case of pneumonia (sp?) and sent her home, well on her x-rays, they found a spot that wasn't on an x-ray 6 years earlier (I believe it was 6, don't quote me), so they wanted more tests. I really don't worry about my parents' health. They're my parents they can't get sick, right? So, I don't worry. Well, she was still waiting on test results, so I figured that's what this was about. Nope. She says that her half brother from her dad's first marriage was found with his wife dead in their home shot to death, people think it was a murder suicide. Now, I don't know what to think about this. I never knew my mother's father because he died before my brother was born. I never knew my grandma was his second wife. I didn't know anything about my grandpa's family. How am I supposed to react to this? Well, I just brushed it off, like I said I didn't know these people, I didn't know he had another family, I never even knew him. Apparently my grandma's pretty shook up about it, I do worry about her though.

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