Friday, December 01, 2006

Weekends are for the warriors

So, Guns n Roses concert is tonight, and I'm ecstatic to work it. Only thing (ok there's probably more, but...) is my boss told me, the last place they played, the show didn't end until 1:50AM, now I'm not quite sure if he meant that's when the actual show ended (and I don't still have the email, so I can't look) or that's when they cleared the house (they got all the patrons out of the building, after that we get to go home), if it was actually when the show got over, that means, we probably won't clear the house until 2:30 or later, so I probably won't get home until after 3. Now that's not too bad, if I could sleep all day (or close to) Sat, unfortunately, I have to go back and work basketball at 12:30 Sat. I almost wish I could just sleep there, but I doubt the old couches in the break room would be very comfortable, and my uniform changes for the basketball game. Hopefully, I'll still have enough (I can function, either on 3 or less or 8 or more hours, nowhere inbetween 3 and 8, my body just gives out) sleep to function. Course, like every other time I'm out late, I won't get right to sleep, cause that's how messed up my mind is. Oh, well, I'm gonna get some (I really need $$$) money for it, plus the four hours of the game, and 4 hrs next Fri, and I believe I work next weekend, and the following Wed. Since I just got paid today, and get paid every two weeks, hopefully my next check will be nice and cushy, and you can bet I'll be depositing a big hunk of it.
On other news. My shower sucks. Apparently it's been leaking, and since I'm on the 3rd floor, it nicely dripped into the second floor ceiling and out the second floor ceiling. My parents are thinking about ripping out the whole bathtub/shower, and putting in a nice shower. Cause this one was a bathtub that was converted into a shower. And I haven't taken a bath since I lived across the street, that was over 2 yrs ago, I love showers, so I don't need a bathtub. But in the mean time, I get to go downstairs and use my parents shower, which isn't bad, once I learned that the water pressure is not very heavy (I like a heavy spray, at least more than theirs) and it's a weird faucet. And I decided not to carry my shampoo and conditioner downstairs and just use theirs. BAD IDEA. I just spent the last five or so minutes brushing out the tangles. NOT FUN. So, I've got a question for all you readers out there, well mostly the chicks with long hair. What's a good shampoo/conditioner, both together or separate for long hair? My hair is mid chest length, it nicely stops at my breasts, the bottom half is dyed, but I'm trying to grow out of the dye, and I'm prone to split ends. Help me out here. I used to use herbal essences for colored hair, but the Walmart here (where I shop for that stuff) stopped carrying it, so I've been using V05 moisture milks, and they seem to be ok, but I have been getting some tangles with that, and I don't really like the conditioner. So, I'm trying to find something that is easy, I don't like to spend a lot of time on my hair, I mainly just brush it and that's it, and makes tangles less likely to happen.
Also, since it's the holiday season, anyone know of some cheap but nice gifts I can give my friends? Especially since I'm really pushed for money this year, I'm thinking of making them stuff, cause if you know me I'm a pretty artsy person, and it's not crappy art. But I'm thinking maybe they're getting sick of that? I don't know.
Ok, enjoy your evenings, depending how tired I am when I get home tonight (tomorrow morning) I may post something about the concert. But don't hold your breath.


Goddess said...

A Guns & Roses concert? How come you never mentioned this to me?
*whistles innocently*
And as much as we talk, it's a damn shame you never said anything. Not that I like Guns OR Roses, mind you....

Carrie said...

I like Aussie products a lot, especially 3 Minute Miracle conditioner or Dual Personality conditioner. My hair isn't as long as it used to be, but when it has always made my hair shiny and soft, plus it smells great.