Sunday, December 17, 2006

You drive three miles from all this prosperity.

Well, I don't know what I was so nervous about. The whole ceremony took about 2 hours, took me about 2 minutes (if that) to walk across the stage, pick up my diploma holder, shake the Univ's President, walk down the stairs, shake someone else's hand and sit down. I had to wait in line for about 45 minutes cause the letter said to be there at 12:45, and we didn't start our walk (all the way around to the other side of the building) until 1:30. I told my parents I didn't have to be there that early, but my dad made me, so I was like the 8th person from the Liberal Arts and Sciences college to pick up my holder. I remember walking through the tunnel onto the floor, looking up at the lights and all the people, sitting down, and just waiting for someone to pinch me, or to wake me up. We listened to the Pres, the speaker get his honorary degree, the speaker, all the other colleges graduates walk across, and then it was my turn to get up and walk across the stage. Wasn't that exciting? Yeah, not so much. Afterwards my family and I went to a restaurant for desert, and then home. And then I got some nice new toys, which I've been playing with today. A digital camera (so, I can't tell Goddess I don't have one to take pics anymore), and an mp3 player (not an Ipod, my brother said this one was better). I already got my whole library loaded onto the Gigabeat (that's what it's called). Both of them are slightly smaller than a deck of cards, and only about a quarter inch thick. Pretty cool.
Today, we went to my mother's family Christmas get-together. My mom (sly as she is) ordered flowers from a place in my aunt's town, so they were there when we got there. I was telling people in line yesterday that no one would get me flowers, guess I was wrong. They were red and yellow roses (my school's colors). And of course people gave me money and cards. I'm surprised at the amount I got, after depositing it, I will have more money than I have ever had in my checking account, and seeing as the only job I have at the moment is my part-time one, I'm gonna need it.
So, tomorrow, I get to do laundry, deposit my money, make thank you cards, and call about a haircut. Exciting stuff huh? I only wish I had a job to go to. I know people will say I'm wrong, but I do feel like a failure not having a job already.
Thank you to all who gave me a congratulations, and for everyone else who didn't, I know it's coming, or we've talked through our minds. No hard feelings if you don't leave a comment with congratulations, I'm well aware that you don't have time to spend reading blogs all the time, and you have lives that are much more important than mine.


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Well congratulations fellow grad!

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