Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just walking through the front door puts a smile on my face

Oh Dream Guy, you are so hott, you have a sweet truck, a gorgeous bike, a cute dog, you're in the profession I love, you're a country fan (or at least a Rascal Flatts fan), and you make me drool and blush everytime I see you. Won't you be mine?

Yes, I found out Dream Guy likes country, or like I said above Rascal Flatts. Can't I just take him? Sigh. So, I'm pissed, happy, and want to get drunk. How's that for a mood? I'm pissed about something at work, but I'm not gonna discuss it, cause work is the one thing I will not discuss on here. Happy because I took my last final today, I hope I got enough to get me a C- or above in the class, cross your fingers, hold your breath and say a prayer, ok? And I want to get drunk because I'm pissed and happy.
So, yeah, no more finals, all that's left is to wander across the stage on Sat, pick up my diploma holder (cause final grades aren't due until the 19th, and then they'll send us our diplomas). I love how we go through the graduation ceremony BEFORE we really know if we got the grades and passed everything. Yeah that's helpful.
And, I've started a graduation fund already, with the $$ Karli's mom gave me, the $$ my bosses at the library gave me & the money they gave me as a holiday present, plus the $$ I got for selling my textbooks, I've already got enough to be drunk for awhile, or at least cover 1 month's rent.
I don't know if I wanna get drunk, I'd love to have the birthday party I didn't have this year. Nice fruity drinks, cause I don't like wine or beer, cake, presents, money, friends, warm weather, and bikes, what more could a girl want?

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