Sunday, December 31, 2006

Show me you still care

Don't you love it how certain songs (or albums or artists) bring back memories? So, I'm sitting here at home (cause I lead an unexciting life) listening to some more albums I stuck on my mp3 player. And it tripped over Live at the Wildhorse Saloon by Rebel, which brings back some great memories. Rebel is now Trick Pony (country music, people) who has now broken up. But I remember when my parents and I went to Nashville and saw the group right after they changed their name to Trick Pony at the Wildhorse Saloon. We were there because my dad had a conference in Nashville, so there was a buffet table with food and all on the 3rd floor (I think) of this place, it's a neat place, it's got these fake wooden (?) horses all over it in strange unhorselike (new word) positions. And this band comes on stage, and I remember looking over the railing watching them. So, dad bought their CD before we left. And a couple or so years after that they were at the state fair here for free and we went to see them. I had taken the CD to maybe get it signed, but the crowd was huge, we actually left early cause they were way too loud. There was just too many people in the tent, and I couldn't stand it, and obviously if I thought it was too loud, you can bet my parents and aunt and uncle thought so too. The next year they were at the grandstand after the rodeo, I remember because they made huge headlines with that, no band except maybe one or two had gone from a free stage to the grandstand in one year. I went with a couple of friends.
So, if y'all could see me now, I'm sitting here with this goofy smile on my face and tears in my eyes.

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The Enforcer said...

I was wicked bummed when I heard they broke up recently. I saw them play and my family and I got to meet them in Manchester NH. Heidi is gorgeous and was so nice talking and singing a few bars of pour me with my daughters, and Ira signed my sons Harley Jacket and told him they would ride motorcycles when he (my son) got his license