Friday, December 08, 2006

She's more than just a memory

Geez, I'm all nervous about graduation now. As y'all should know, I'm graduating from college with my BS in Sociology/Interdisciplinary Studies (the professional? way of saying criminal justice) next Sat. I'm supposed to walk across the stage in front of a lot (I have no idea how many people are graduating) of other graduating people and their families. And I was looking up the information for my parents, so I was looking at it carefully, and I'm nervous and don't know if I really want to walk across the stage, but I have to, cause my parents bought me a nice cap and gown to wear. Maybe I can find one of my friends that is graduating and sit next to them during the ceremony, so I won't be so nervous. I did find out that my college isn't special enough (cause I go to a University, that is made up of a bunch of colleges) to have their own little graduation, so I do have to walk in front of the hundreds that are graduating from the university.


Goddess said...

Are you sure you really have to walk across the stage? When FO #1 graduated college they just stood up in groups in the audience according to their degree, then were mailed their diplomas. Whoopee!

WW said...

I've worked graduation for the past 4 years, yeah I know I have to walk.