Saturday, December 30, 2006

This high speed rodeo is all I know

UGH! Who do I complain to when there's no one online to complain to? Plus it's after 10 so I don't wanna call anyone and bug them if they're doing something. So, lucky for all you readers you get to read about it.
I'm pissed about something at work, but I will not complain about that. I don't need someone from work to find this and read something that was a heat of the moment comment and get my ass fired or get in trouble for it. Though I'd love to.
Something else that happened at work. Well, I saw my two hottie cop neighbors. And I hate how they don't quite know it's me. One of them I'm pretty sure doesn't even know I live across the street from him. He's the one that works with the University police that was in a near fatal motorcycle accident last May. So, I understand that, but the other one (Dream Guy) knows I live across the street and he knows I work at the Center. But I guess it's the whole different places, different clothes crap. Cause last year, I'm pretty sure he knew I worked there and lived across the street from him. This year I've rarely seen him in person, mostly it's in a city police car and of course he doesn't recognize me, or in person at work. But it annoys me to death. And of course talking to hott cops makes me nervous, course talking to hotties makes me nervous and talking to cops I don't know that well makes me nervous so stick them together. Plus, they're usually only passing by and either don't wanna talk, or don't have time.

The other thing I'm complaining about, and not caring if someone from my Yahoo! group finds this and reads this. As most of you know I do art, and I've been told I'm pretty good at it. Well, lately I've been doing things called Art Trading Cards, where the canvas is the size of a baseball card, and we create sets according to certain themes. I'm sure you can find something if you google it. Anyways, one of the groups I'm in deals with the theme of collage, meaning we are sent a package of items, and we have to use at least one of the items on our card and write on the back what we used. Well, the owner/moderator (person who runs the group) has been MIA for the last couple of months, and we've tried individual emails, and group emails, since no one really knows her personally, that's all we can really do. Well, one of the members M posted a message the other day wondering what we could really do, to me (I suppose I could be wrong) it sounded like she wanted someone to take over or create a new group and do swaps as we used to. Get a package of stuff do the cards in about a month, send to the owner who would swap them out and get them back to us within 2 or 3 weeks. So, I proposed to do that, to which she replied today, that if it was the same setup, she just wouldn't like to be in the group. THEN WHAT THE HELL DOES SHE WANT? She knows how the group is run, and most of the people like the slow pace of only one swap a month (in another group we have multiple swaps going on at the same time), and there's nothing any of us can do since we don't know the moderator personally, and only the moderator can change anything in the group. I so wanted to send a bitchy email back to her, but I bit my lip.
I'm so sick of dealing with people that say one thing and then turn around and say another. Or maybe I'm just so pissed with what happened at work, which didn't make much sense. I just wanna hit something.

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