Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I may have a reckless streak at least a mile wide

Ok, so these first ones are from the 9th of December, cause I'm a little slow.
Wichita, KS: Officer Joe Springop, and the other Officers with no names
Brevard County, FL: K-9 Deputy Ben Wheeler,
West Palm Beach, FL: Officer Ron Robbins, Officer Steve Mooney,
Pittsburgh, PA: Sgt. Jason Snyder (<---I LOVE him), the other two plainclothes cops, Travis County, TX: Deputy Joseph Ensminger, Gwinnett County, GA: Officer James Presley, Lt J.T. Strickland,
This statuette is for the officer in the first ep, first segment with the nice ink on his forearm, I believe it was Officer Patrick Boucard. And one goes to Sgt Jason, cause he's such a nice yummy specimen.
And these are from this past weekend, Dec 17th
Las Vegas, NY: Sgt Reymond Reyes, Officer Evan Rosenthal, Officer Ryan Cook
Chattanooga, TN: Officer Derrick Pendergrass, Aaron Williams
This one is to... Officer Ryan Cook (No surprise there, eh?)

On a different note, I took my pig to the vet today and found out she most likely has cancer. So, I have to watch her to see if she's suffering, and if she is, I'll probably take her in to be put to sleep.
While I was at the vet's I saw a cop (he was pretty good looking). But I didn't take his pic, Goddess, cause I figured that would be a nice harassment charge against me. But he was pretty damn yummy.

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jess said...

Officer Ryan Cook? Have u got any pictures of him. I've een him on cops and I just totally crush on him.