Tuesday, December 19, 2006

But baby I'm a real good man

So, I'm a complete huge idiot. I broke my new digital camera, I've had it 4 days and I broke it already. Go me. Yeah, obviously it wasn't on purpose it fell on a round piece of glass and put a couple nice cracks in the plastic where the viewer screen is. So, it's not like the actually camera is broken. But my parents are gonna wonder how stupid I could be, and my brother will say I'm an idiot. I looked it up in my paperwork, and I would have to pay for a new piece of plastic. But I don't have a lot of money, and I just spent $50 today at the vet for finding out my guinea pig has cancer, and most likely the only thing that would really prolong her life is a nice expensive surgery. Now I love my pig, but I don't have the money and she's old for a pig anyhow (4 yrs), so I just have to watch and if she seems to be in pain or anything, I can take her in to have her put to sleep. Yeah, it's been a great day. Excuse me while I go put my head through a window.


Carrie said...

My favorite cat had breast cancer last year, and my arents decided not to get it removed. It really hurt watching her get worse and worse, but at least when they finally put her to sleep they did it at home, so she wasn't in a scary place.

Kate said...

I've owned four guinea pigs so far, and it never gets easier when they get old.