Thursday, December 07, 2006

He took the midnight train going anywhere

Goddess commented on the fact that I forgot it was Pearl Harbor today. Sorry. I know my excuse of feeling like shit all week is not a good excuse. If you don't know what Pearl Harbor was, you suck. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, HI on December 7th, 1941. After that, the US entered World War II. (And no, I didn't have to look it up to tell you that, this next part I did, cause I didn't want to screw it up). Out of the 8 battleships in the harbor, the Arizona, was the only one that stayed at the bottom of the ocean. 2,403 American servicemen, and 68 civilians were killed during the attack. So, if you don't know your country's history (don't tell me, but) go visit Wikipedia and find out about it.
This is the wall at the memorial in Hawaii, with the names of all the men and women who died 65 years ago today

This is the flag that waves above the memorial.

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