Thursday, January 18, 2007

LA's got the freaks

See if anyone can explain this to me: cops make me nervous. Why?
I love to see cop cars around my city
I know 10 cops (give or take)
I know I have no record, there are no warrants out for my arrest.
But every time I talk to a cop, whether or not I know them I get nervous. Yes, I chat with cops I don't know. In 2003, my father and I went to New Orleans for his radio conference (I was his "guide" because he doesn't see very well), and one night we went to Mardi Gras world, had a nice little tour, with food and drink, and music (a private party for the public radio folk). Anyways, while we were waiting for busses to take us back to the hotel, I wandered over to a cop (or as this officer told me, a police officer, because they don't like to be called cops there), and had him read a poem I wrote titled "The Cop". I asked his opinion on it, he said the only thing I should change would be the title. (Maybe if enough people ask me, I'll post it someday. I also have one dedicated to soldiers and Marines, and firefighters).
So, why is it when I talk to cops, I get red in the face, and sweat?

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