Saturday, January 27, 2007

She's so high, high above me

So, I got to talk to Dream Guy today. We were both working the basketball game (I was more than excited to work, since I haven’t worked in a week, course after tomorrow I won’t have work for another week). But I noticed he was working, and I got the nerve up to chat with him a little bit (I would have loved to follow him around and keep chatting with him, but I know people get a little weird, and I really don’t need to have the cops weirded out about me. Yeah, that would help my life.
Anyways, if you haven’t heard yet, Dierks Bentley (with Miranda Lambert) is coming to my town, I’m very excited. And we got the good fortune of having him come on a Friday (we usually have concerts in the middle of the week it’s like they don’t wanna pick a good day). And also within this month we’re getting the Cirque Du Soleil. I also can’t wait to work that. I was telling my coworkers I hope to work all 3 of them because I love working long doors (which means I’m on the outside of the inside so I don’t get to watch it), and most people with the big concerts/events like to work short doors (they only work about 2 hours) and then go in and watch, or usher (they’re inside helping people find their seats). So, I’m holding my breath and crossing my fingers to work all three of them.

All right, y’all let me know if I’m wrong or not, but wasn’t Officer Anthony Pilutik in the opening sequence for the first ep? When they’re showing another officer doing a ‘follow the pen with your eyes’ test (yeah, I bet that’s the technical name for it) and there’s an officer that you’re kinda staring at head on?
Fontana, CA: 2 hotties dragging the fat ass dripping black dude.
Officer Jay Sayegh: “The subject’s obviously not willing to stop” Well duh, “Once they hear that dog barking they know there’s no hope for them.” Oh, Officer Jay is full of interesting quotes. And some nice red ink peaking out from under the sleeve of his uniform.
Wichita, KS: Officer Rob Thatcher, Officer Dustin Nail, Officer Ben Jonker,
Now, am I the only one who thinks #1 should be it shouldn’t be happening at all? And I don’t like the non-uniform uniforms. Not nice looking. Also, everyone knows that crown victorias are cop cars, it doesn't work to use them as unmarked. Everytime I see a Crown Vic (or Ford Taurus, as that's what my dept uses), I look for extra antenna, cause we all know if there's more than 2, it's an unmarked cop car.
Covington, KY: Officer Gary Smallwood (dubbed Officer YUMMY!)
Ugh! I hate the mother talking in the background “She’s never been in trouble in her life” ya know what? You’re not helping, shut up and back up, and let your daughter tell her story. Did y’all see the look in Officer Rudolph’s eyes after the guy starts crying and whinning about how his ex-girlfriend came by and sprayed him in the eyes?
I almost enjoy the opening sequence of the reruns 2nd hour as much as I enjoy watching the hotties in the show.
Dude, we all knew you were awake the moment you stopped snoring. You can’t say you sleep that deeply when you got a cop yelling that loudly at you. “I was sleeping, so you can’t come into my house”
Chattanooga, TN: Officer Derrick Pendergrass, Officer Pete Miller
OK, so I recognize Officer Derrick’s voice before I even saw him this time.
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Anthony Pilutik, Officer Arnold Galvan
I could give Officer Pilutik an award, just for his humorous commentary. "It just magically appeared ok?" He's always got such a laid back attitude with the idiots he deals with.
I wish someday, some money would magically appear in my apartment, but I highly doubt that's ever gonna happen.
Alright, because I don’t want to fill up Officer Pilutik’s shelf too quickly, he doesn’t get a statuette tonight. (Don’t worry, I can guarantee you’ll get another one in the future, at least one). So, tonight’s statuettes (we’re going with 2 tonight, it was a hard decision, lots of drool worthy guys) go to:
Officer Gary Smallwood (Officer Yummy) from Covington, KY
And the second one goes to our cutie in TN, Officer Derrick Pendergrass of Chattanooga. And I know he’s adding this to his shelf too.

And I think I’m on something tonight, waay too much shit is funny.So, I’m enjoying the tax commercials lately. Like the one for Turbo Tax (?) where the couple is getting audited and the chick says “well let’s ask the people who did our taxes, oh wait we used a box, so let’s ask the box.” So, she holds the box up to her ear “ uh huh, yep”. “What’s it saying?” “Nothing, it’s a box”
I also love the one for H&R block, where the couple is in the kitchen and the wife digs out some envelopes from the garbage and asks the husband “what is this” “Looks like garbage” “No, these are our bills.” "Looks like garbage" "No, these are our bills, how can you just toss out our bills?" “I got people, they took care of them.” “You got people?” “I got people?” “You GOT people.” “I GOT people” “So, this is garbage.” "Yep."
Oooo, am I the only one that wants to see Ghost Rider when it comes out? When I saw the previews in the theater I wanted to see it, and then I forgot about it, but I just saw a commercial for it after the cops opening sequence. Oooh, just seeing the skeleton of fire of that gorgeous bike, yeah that turned me on. Course by now, you should know that.


Anonymous said...

There is always room for more stateuttes on my shelf! ;-)
Officer Pilutik

WW said...

But you didn't confirm if it's you or not in the opening sequence.

I knew you had a shelf. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes that is me in the opener. I am on it for this entire season I think. In the jail, laughing at someone (or laughing with I mean), while closing the cell door. Haha
You have a sharp eye. I'm only there for a split second. :-)
Officer Pilutik

WW said...

I pay attention to pretty much everything. But then I also taped it, so I could go back and check.