Saturday, January 13, 2007

I thought love was only true in fairy tales

So I work both Men's and Women's games today. And it's fucking cold, I believe it was about 14 degrees, but with the wind felt like 7 or 8. Can you guess how many idiots (most of them students) that came up to the door in little less than a sweatshirt? They never learn. Thankfully, not many of them complained about the cold, I probably would have blown up at them. I knew it was cold, I was standing there freezing (cause we don't get more than a light windbreaker to wear) and I was at the north doors (where the wind was coming from), I couldn't feel my fingers or toes by the time the game started at 1 (we opened the doors at noon), and I had gloves on. That sucked. Today, my boss said it was going to be the biggest game of the year, so every seat was reserved (the students usually have a student section where they can sit wherever). I only had 3 people come to me with the regular student ticket, one was a guy and his girlfriend, who just wanted to be an ass cause he had his tickets, the other was oblivious that he needed a different ticket.
And some idiot decided to come to the game drunk. Apparently someone noticed him in the Men's bathroom and he was arrested by the city cops. Now here's the weird thing, he was given the choice between going home, or being arrested, and he choose to be arrested. Idiot. It's gotta really suck, because he had to be transported to the county jail instead of staying in the city. Now, I don't know how much bail is for public intox, but I'm pretty sure it's not too cheap, and (I'm not positive on this either) it's the weekend, so he's probably there til Monday morning. I don't understand stupid people. But on the plus side, the officers were waiting at my door with the guy, so I got to oogle them while they were waiting for a car to pick him up.
So, I went grocery shopping after I got done at the game, and then came home. Well my dad calls me to ask how my snow shoveling was going. I'm kinda pissed at him right now. I froze at work, I froze walking home from work, and even though I just had some lasagna I'm STILL FUCKING COLD. I have to go back to the women's game tonight, if you think I'm gonna go out in the cold and shovel snow, just to get all sweaty and go back to the game all sweaty you're nuts.
Goddess has already gotten an earful on this subject, so I thought I'd share some of it with you all. Again I'm bummed about being single. It started last night, when I was bummed about not having a pillow, and that led me to thinking about Patch, cause he used to "let" me use his chest as a pillow. Then this morning, I woke up at about 5:30, I couldn't stick my music on, because my alarm was set to go off at 6:15, so I just kinda dozed. Well I started dreaming about dream guy. So then I woke up to real life, where I can't have dream guy and am very single. And I had a comment from Patch on my MSN site, and that got me bummed because he said he was gonna write about his cross country trip. Now I may or may not have said this before but, Patch keeps telling me he's gonna visit me. The last time I talked to him, he told me next time he went on a trip he'd come visit me. Well, I talked to him once after that and he said he was in some state, but didn't say at all that he was coming to visit me. And then in this comment, he said he was still working on it. Now, I really do like him (don't know if it's more) but I am so sick of that promise. Course he knows, all he has to say is "I'm gonna come meet you some time" and my heart will melt and we'll chat again. I can't do that. That's why I stopped talking to him before, and he says that (more or less as one of the first things) in this comment, and I couldn't talk to him. I miss him dreadfully, but I've also gotten used to broken promises from guys, and I know I shouldn't be used to that, I shouldn't give people that edge. I'm so sick of having guys promise me stuff and never deliver. I was hoping that nothing would happen to make me more bummed about being single. Thankfully, nothing has YET.

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Jason said...

Some people are just stupid. I mean the drunk, not your fellow. Good luck with that.