Thursday, January 11, 2007

Their worst day, our every day

Oh shit, so I was watching Armed and Famous tonight. It's just so wrong. I really hope this show is not how things are actually done in Muncie, IN, and I hope they got paid a giant amount of money to have the show there.
No way is the training in the same classroom as their roll call. Last I checked there are state training facilities and they're not that close to cities. Plus, the cadet classes are usually more than five. I love it how at the beginning LaToya Jackson said she has always wanted to do two things: work at McDonald's and be a cop. Later when they're doing traffic stops, Erik Estrada was saying how he has so much of an advantage he has over the others cause he played a cop, but when he's supposed to give a ticket, he makes the "suspect" get out of the car, get down on his knees and put his hands on his head FOR A TICKET. And the Osbourne kid was the best shot when they were doing gun training. Out of the 12 shots fired (the first time) 11 of LaToya's shots weren't even on the target. I wonder how much practicing she had to do to qualify.
And on their first day, they were doing stuff on their stops already. I thought (I could be wrong) the first few weeks the trainees were out with their FTO's they watched, and then later they did stuff.
One of Estrada's stops was to go and do inventory after a SWAT raid, and he says "crack cocaine, obviously" No cop actually says that, they always say it looks like cocaine, but we're gonna test it. None of the cars had cages. And I'm very amused no one was arrested with Osborne's domestic violence call, (once again, I could be wrong) I thought all states had some kind of law where one person had to be arrested. When LaToya and her FTO go to a restaurant, she asked for a tablecloth and finger bowls.
OH shit, Latoya ran away from a cat. No cop would do that, you get over it and you do your damn job. She's sitting in the cop car with the doors locked, and her partner says I need to get some information out of here. And the guy from jackass gets a call about a shoplifter, and proceeds to follow the chick through the store, trying to convince her he's the real cops. You don't do that, you tell them something twice and then you make them obey. The wrestler chick pretends to run after a suspect, and doesn't jump in to help her partner when the guy fights. I noticed there's always a 3rd officer following them around, that never happens.
I could sit here amd complain, but no matter what I say it's so much worse. This doesn't happen in real life. Bad thing, I will continue to watch it and make fun of it. OMG. If y'all want a laugh, watch this show, but don't expect it to be real.

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