Monday, January 15, 2007

stupid snow

I'm complaining today, so deal with it or fuck off.
So, we got maybe 4inches of snow yesterday, and I have to shovel today. My parents are making me do the whole damn property. Nicely, we live on a corner, so I have 2 public sidewalks, all our sidewalks, and the newly paved driveway. I was just out there for 45 min, and i have a tiny path on the sidewalks, and the end of the driveway done. I'm beyond sore, plus that cut in my hand doesn't make it any easier. I came in for a break because it felt like I was gonna pass out, and you can't sit outside, cause you freeze. I'm so pissed at my parents, god forbid they help out.
I understand that mom won't cause she's having a tube shoved down her throat for dr's to look at her lungs, but what's dad's reason? That he shoveled the inch on Sat, yeah sure. Even if I shoveled Sat, I'd still be shoveling today.
Unfortunately, I'm so tired, I can't use my anger as a force to shovel the snow. Anyone wanna come help?


Carrie said...

Man, that sucks. I would have helped you out if I had been there. Shoveling is no fun, which is why if I end up in a snowy place I'm investing in a snowblower.

Goddess said...

Thank God for neighbors with snow plows...