Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Waiting at a stop light yesterday

What is it? Fuck of W week? I found out this week I was used (not recently, but it still hurts) and other people just kinda stopped caring. I had one (this one I probably shouldn't put too much faith into) drop me off their friends list on myspace, and someone decided to drop 2 of my blogs off their link list. If I didn't have something to look presentable at tomorrow, I'd be hitting the shit out of my wall, I started a little, but then realized my hands can't be all bruised up tomorrow.
Maybe I expect too much of people.
I'm already upset with not having a job, my parents threatening to raise my rent, and shit in general. Thank you so much for making me more upset people.
At least my part-time job gives me happiness, since I can't depend on anyone else lately.