Sunday, January 14, 2007

To tell you the truth I've been with her myself

So, I was thinking about one of my cop buddies (the one you think is good-looking, Goddess) today, because I sliced myself open doing art. A little background first.
Four years ago on Feb 14th, I was starting the Citizen's Police Academy (CPA) and a senior in high school. Through the CPA I met most of the officers I know today. Personally I love knowing who protects my streets. One of them, S (guy I mentioned above), I rode with the Sat after graduation from the CPA, and I developed a deeper friendship with him than the others. Part of that would be because I mentioned that I emailed the chief and chatted with him, so S gave me his email, the other part would be cause I mentioned I loved motorcycles, but had never gone on a motorcycle ride. So, in June or July of that year, I got my first motorcycle ride, on the back of his bike, if any of you haven't been on a ride, it's one of the most exhilerating (sp?) things to go on. The wind rushing through your hair, and past you, it just makes you feel so free (but I would recommend a helmet, we went on back county roads, and sad to say, I had my eyes shut, cause the wind bothered them soo much). On that ride, he showed me his new Dodge truck, and of course where he lived (happened to be near me), because of this, I would see him in the neighborhood frequently. My freshman year of college, I still delivered newspapers as one of my jobs, and he worked nights, so I would see him coming back from the gym and we used to talk. One of my happiest memories would be leaning in his truck window barefoot on the blacktop street talking to him. But enough reminiscing.
As his part-time job he drives an ambulance. This would be the reason I was thinking about him today. The other day when I was talking to him, he said I always seemed to have some kind of ailment. Now, I happen to be one of those persons who doesn't complain if they're in pain or somethings wrong (cause I've gone to the dr's office too many times and wasted my afternoons just to have them tell me they didn't know what was wrong and if it got worse to go to the ER), so many of my friends never hear me complain about anything. Well, the reason I tell him about it is cause he drives an ambulance (and maybe somewhere in there I want some sympathy), so I like to know if he thinks anything is wrong, beyond the normal. I guess he just doesn't get that, I think it's just cause he doesn't wanna deal with that when he's not at his job. So, I'll try to refrain from complaining to him anymore. But sometimes you want someone to complain to.
Back to me slicing myself open. That was a stupid mistake. Most of y'all know, I'm an artist, some of you have seen my work, and think I'm pretty good. Well, I was working on a project that I started years ago (I found the main piece in a box when I was cleaning last month). So, I was trying to get a background for it. Well, a year or so ago I received some free samples of that fake wood flooring (ya know the kind that just snaps together), so I was thinking about using that as a background, but I decided I liked the size but not the fake wood, so I was taking the laminate wood design off, and of course it can't all come off in a big sheet, so I was gradually taking it off by sliding the blade of a mini (thank god it was a mini) pocket knife under it. Well, stupide me, I had my left hand in front of the blade (yes, I know, you should always have your hands behind the blade, because of these kind of accidents), and my right hand pushed a little too hard sending the knife nicely into my hand. Thankfully the blade only went 1/4 inch in the skin. So, now it hurts when I press my hand on something, cause it's about where the pointer finger meets the hand, little bit lower, but still nicely enough in the way when I hold something, or put my hand down to press on something. GO ME! Yeah, that kinda put that project on hold (for about 5 min while I waited for the bleeding to let up), then I got the rest of the fake wood off and nicely scraped up my knuckles. Now I don't know what I want for a background. If I ever get this project done, I'll take a pic and post it for y'all to see, then you can decide if you think I'm a good artist or not. Art is hazardous.

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