Friday, January 05, 2007

saw the eagle fly through a clear blue sky

So, I was watching one of those Most Shocking Videos shows on Spike TV today (thankfully it wasn't narrated by whats-his-face, it sounded more like the guy from Unsolved Mysteries). Anyway, I was curious why they had to show the video six damn times. Like we didn't see it the first or second time, and think of how many more videos they could put on the thing if they didn't show it six times.
I was also thinking as I was watching a cop chase, it was shot from a helicopter and when the ass finally bailed out of his car, there were no cop cars around him, but he still drove like an ass. It reminded me of a post I read over on Jason's blog about how cities are trying to cut back on wrecks created by crooks by telling the cops they can't chase the crooks anymore. Just cause the cops terminate the chase, doesn't mean the ass is gonna stop driving like a maniac. And, if they know that the cops aren't gonna chase them, it's probably likely that they will be more apt to run. Sorry, had to rant.

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The Enforcer said...

Our department tried that lillte gem (no chase policy) way back in the day I'm told. There was a car theft gang that would bun rubber in the parking lot next to the PD in order to taunt the cops into a chase. The policy was quickly rescinded