Thursday, January 04, 2007

But a lot was not enough

Who can explain this to me? Why is it when I go into Yahoo! chat rooms I'm bombarded with the people who want to talk about sex? Is there no one that knows how to talk intelligently?

I thought I'd play with a couple of them today and see if they could pass as decent human beings, they don't.
One guy asked if I was happy cause I was alone. I told him for all he knew I could be taking a break from a threesome, to which he asked how old. So I told him, 12 and 13, and he asked if they were my brother and sister. What a sicko.
One of the other guys asked how old I was, so to throw him off I told him 12. He asked to see my pic, we all know what they mean with that, so I told him it was illegal to download child porn, and he said that wasn't what he was looking for. I told him, I knew what he wanted and that my dad had gotten me ready at age 5. So he said, can't you just share your pic. I told him he had to give me a min so I could log his IP, his sn and send them to the PD. He's still trying to chat with me.
And how about the person who tried to get me to view their webcam without even an IM.
Is there no intelligent life out there?

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