Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sha la la la

UGH! So I went out with my friends today and we went to the mall (not very exciting but I wanted to get some calendars), I got me a day-by-day Corvette and Mustang calendar, and a monthly OCC wall calendar. I was pissed because I wanted to get the OCC, a wolves, and a fighter jet wall calendar, but the kiosk in the middle of the mall wasn't going to take my gift card for Borders (even though it was the same damn company). So, now I need another wall calendar (to replace my 2 cop wall calendars from last year). Unfortunately I couldn't find a nice one in Borders. I realized how little there is to do here. We ran into a couple friends at the mall, went out to lunch with them and had a nice time. That I wouldn't mind doing again.
I went to visit my friend who runs an eyeglasses shop (to drop off a prescription, so I didn't lose it) and I told him he should get a bunch of his biker buddies and take me on a ride to celebrate my graduation. He said we'd do it some Thurs night when it got warm. Thurs because that's when Porky's and Trophies (two biker bars in DM) have their bike nights. Now, I'm really itching for a ride. Damn.
So now, I'm sitting here listening to some Bruce Springsteen (just need some nice loud music, and I listened to Hicktown and Amarillo Sky incessantly this morning, though I won't be skipping them if they come up in my shuffle). I'm so yearning for a drink and a ride.
And can someone tell me where the last 2 hrs went? I got home about 2 from hanging out with my friends, and now it's 4 I don't get it.

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