Thursday, January 11, 2007

A week's work of Valium

So, I was downstairs today keeping my parents' TV company, and I was watching HGTV (one of the channels I could spend all day watching) and in one of the shows they were painting wooden furniture. I just don't understand why people go and paint wooden furniture, that is already treated and beautiful as it is, I can understand if it's unfinished and ugly. Guess that's what happens when you grow up in a Victorian house where your parents are always looking for the gorgeous wood floors, moldings and doors. Silly me. I guess I'm not that much a fan of paint either, I like the raw feel of stuff, some wood is so beautiful when it's stripped, sanded and then varnished.

I was also watching a few of those dating shows on MTV (cause it was there), it's always fun to see what kind of people would get on those shows. I always say I would never go on one of those shows, but sometimes I catch myself thinking about what I would set up for them. I mean wouldn't it be great to have a whole bunch of guys show up looking to have fun with me? I can only hope that will happen.
Oh, and in one of them, they were sitting next to a gorgeous swimming pool, what I would have given to jump into that screen and go swimming. Sigh

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