Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Are we wise?

So, Dr. Phil happens to be on my TV right now, I don't understand why anyone would go on this show. If you really wanted to torture me, put me on this show. No, I don't watch it, I was watching a VHS, and it got to the end and rewound itself and popped out, and my VCR is on CBS, which is where Dr. Phil is. Anyways, it's where a chick feels she is in the wrong body, she feels she should be a guy. I will not pass judgement on people that feel this way. If they feel wrong in their bodies, I believe they should be able to do whatever they can to feel good (hell I feel wrong in my body sometimes, and I've tried to feel more confident, I'm a long way off from liking me). Anyways, Dr. Phil wants to know if she's really sure about this decision, and her mother feels it's her fault because she spoiled her as a child. And that she's angry with her dad who left at a young age. Her aunt (I think) says that she needs to let Jesus into her heart and that Jesus will change her heart and her desires. That is bullshit. That's mostly the reason I don't like religious people, now I know not everyone is like that, but the population that is, is what ruins it for everyone. And the girl (I believe her name was Bernadette) kept saying that her God was in her heart and that he accepted her, GOOD FOR HER!!!
There was a CSI episode once that kind of tackled this issue. An m-to-f (male to female) was murdered by her dr's husband because he (the dr) was doing botched operations. I don't understand why people have problems with gays, and transexuals and all the people that feel wrong in their bodies.

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