Sunday, January 07, 2007

So I hope that lady in her minivan

OK, so I'm a little slow with my cop watching (again), so this first batch is from December 30th.
Gwinnett County, GA: Officer Kevin Berardinelli, Corporal J.P. Surowiec
Las Vegas, NV: Officer George Godfrey
Chattanooga, TN: Officer Chris Sims, Sgt Barry Burns, Officer Zach Fuller
Officer Derrick Pendergrass (surprise there, nope)

And here's this weeks:
Wichita, KS: Officer Baldy with the mustache, Young officer holding second suspect,
Brevard County, : Deputy, Justin Gould
Hamilton County, OH: Second Deputy they kept doing close-ups on
So, at the end of the 3rd segment, when they cute deputy was talking to the guy in the back of the cop car, a couple of bikes went past, what I would have given for the cameraman to follow the bikes and ditch the cop. Sigh
And the hottie for this week is: FTO Brad Bellflower

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