Saturday, May 12, 2007

I never wanna say goodbye

First of all, I'm wishing my parents a happy anniversary today, they are a few years short of 35 years of marriage. I know they won't read this, and on the hopes of other family members not finding it, I'm not sticking the exact anniversary number here.
Second, everyone wish your mother a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.
Third, Goddess tagged me in a meme. Which I was entertained by considering she hates meme's.
Here are the rules of the game:
1) Link the post who tagged you.
2) List your top five favorite places to eat, and why.
3) Tag five others.

My top five favorite places to eat (I'm not that picky):

1. Any family get-together on my mom's side, I believe that's self-explanatory.
2. Red Lobster, I love the cheddar biscuits they have, and I have grown to love the steak and lobster tail.
3. Dutch Oven Bakery (they're unique to here), they have some pretty good pastries. I love spending $20 for a box of pastries there. Plus, their egg-salad sandwiches are soo good.
4. West Side Deli (one of the best kept secrets here). They have some yummy ass mushroom sandwiches.
5. Frances. It's a diner/eatery in Chicago, pretty close to my brother's apartment, and we always eat there at least once when we go to Chicago.
6. (in case people don't like my #1). Dairy Queen They are my favorite fast food place to eat.

The other 5 I will pick:
1. Kate (she'll steal my meme's anyway)
2. Sodapop (she usually gives me meme's)
3. Carrie
4. AD (cause I know he breezes by every now and then and he's got a blog, so we'll see if he takes it)

I really don't think I have 5 regulars that I know who they are.

Fourth, I got me a job. I'm ecstatic, though I'm holding off on telling my family. Just cause, I'm finally happy, and I keep thinking something's gonna happen to get me fired. Not that I really think I'll screw up or anything, it's just such a good job, that I'm afraid to believe I actually have it. A new fibers/art store opened here in town and the lady running it is very busy so needed someone to help her out, and I get to be lucky and help. She also said (because she's an artist and sells her stuff at shows) that I might get to go on the road with her. This sounds very close to my perfect job, I really wanna be a full-time artist, but... It's starting out as part-time, but unlike the center, it's a constant each week, so I'm really happy about it.
Also, I have a freind that I believe is becoming more than a friend (see earlier post), but I don't wanna fuck anything up, so I'm letting him make all the moves, and we'll see where it goes.


Carrie said...

Congrats on the job, it sounds really cool. Next time I'm in Ames I'm totally gonna check the store out and look at the yarn collection.

Sodapop said...

This is the first time I've been tagged in FOREVER! thanks :)

I'll work on the meme when I get back from dinner with mom tonight!

Ambulance Driver said...

I'll play, WW. Gimme a day or so.