Thursday, May 10, 2007

Everything I am

OK, so I finally got around to watching the COPS episode that was on 2 weeks ago. There was one segment in Brevard County, FL where the officer pulled a guy over and the dude was chewing on/eating marijuana and the cop arrested the guy, searched his car and then let the guy go with his court date. I don't get that. If he's just gonna release the guy, I don't understand why he was able to search the car. It almost seems that he put the guy under arrest just to search the car, though I don't think that's true. Can anyone explain it to me?

Has anyone seen commercials for this new show, Pirate Master? My guess, I'm gonna end up watching it, but I don't understand why you'd want to do it (be in it, not watch it).

Speaking of TV shows, I'm pissed at FOX, and not just becuase they've decided to play NASCAR and other things in place of COPS. If you've paid attention, I got sucked into the show Drive, it started on April 15th for a 2 hour season premiere, had another new episode on the 16th, and another one on the following Monday. And now we're in limbo. I've checked the website and it says tune in for the final 2 episodes this summer. How wrong is that? 6 episodes and the season's over with, it's just wrong.
A bunch of my other shows are done for the season. Amazing Race ended Sunday, model boy and his gf won.
Cold Case ended on Sunday, Lilly Rush (one of the detectives) was shot, and it ended with her hanging onto her life. If CBS drops her, I guarantee I will stop watching the show.
The Search for the next Pussycat Doll (yes, I watched it) ended a couple weeks ago, with Asia winning.
America's Next Top Model (Yes, I watch this) will end next Wed, as will Bones and Medium.
Supernatural will end next Thurs, its supposed to be a two-part finale, so I'm taping and watching it tonight and next Thurs, then I'm gonna watch it all together.
Survivor's 2 hr finale is sunday. I still can't figure out who's gonna win, or at least who's gonna be gone at next tribal council and so on.

Also, for all of you that were Pickett Fences fans way back in the day, the 1st season will finally be coming out on DVD on June 19th.

Lessons I've learned:
5. If it doesn't come off with 409, try Comet


*Goddess* said...

How many years was Pickett Fences on the air?

WW said...

According to imdb, 4 seasons.