Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Come on down

So, the Academy of Country Music Awards are on tonight. And of course I'm watching it. Y'all get to enjoy my commentary of it.
I was disagreeing with Goddess (in my mind) the other day about Reba getting a boob job, but shit you can sure tell it tonight. She's wearing a nice V-neck dress, and she kept turning so everyone could get a nice side view of her larger chest. It wasn't like spilling her boobs out for the world to see, but you could definately tell they were larger.
And then Tracy Lawrence and some news anchor came out to present song of the year (I think?) and apparently the country music folk haven't learned from Kenny Rogers that plastic surgery is BAD. He looked about as bad as Kenny, there's no way he aged that way naturally. Y'all should take after Johnny Cash, sure he didn't look great when he got older, but you could tell it was him and natural, he didn't look like he had to smile all the damn time.
George Strait won with Give it away, and I swear he's shrinking, he's an easy 6 foot (or he was), you used to be able to stick him next to Alan Jackson and they were about the same height. Of course, he also seemed kinda disoriented.
And it's nice to see that Miranda Lambert is all grown-up and wears short dresses, with deep cut necks.
Album of the year was Some Hearts by Carrie Underwood. I was thinking Hillbilly Deluxe by Brooks N Dunn should have won.
Little Big Town finally received the award for New Vocal Duo/Group of the Year
I like the duet of Reba and Kelly Clarkson singing Because of You, it sounded great.
And once again, Brooks N Dunn won Top Vocal Duo. No big surprise there, it so needs to be renamed the Brooks N Dunn award on both awards shows (this and Country Music Association).
Entertainer of the Year is Kenny Chesney, another not so big surprise.

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*Goddess* said...

I wasn't actually sure if it was a boob job or just a HELL of a good push up bra, but wow...on the commercial!! Let's just say she never looked like that when I caught her sitcom.