Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mile marker 203

Last week or so it rained very hard here. My neighbors have a little Pomeranian (sp?) and they recently cut its hair so it looks like a big Chiuahua (sp?). Anyways, the other day when it rained, it was outside in the pouring rain barking its head off, so I went over and rescued it, sticking it on our back porch and drying it off. We called the neighbors and left a message on their machine. I sat with Chewy (the dog) for 2 hours and then the rain let up and I had other things to do (and didn't want to smell like wet dog for the rest of the night), so I stuck it back outside. We haven't heard a thank you back from these people.
I saw Chewy out today after I finished the lawn and wandered over to say hi. He's such a cute nice little dog. Anyways I was thinking, the poor guy sits outside the whole time our neighbors are at work. He's a little yippy dog, you can't just stick it outside with nothing to do and expect it's going to be ok for hours at a time. You have to either get 2 dogs, or play with it.
Some people really need to research their pets before getting them.

Sorry, just had to rant.

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