Sunday, May 13, 2007

Outplay, Outwit, Outlast

So, I'm watching the final Survivor: Fiji. If you watch Survivor, you know the"tribes" go to "tribal council" have a little talk and vote someone off. At a certain point, a "jury" starts to form and then by then end there are 9 people on this "jury". They get to ask the last 2, in this season, 3 people questions as to why they should vote for them to be the winner of 1 million dollars.
So, that's what the "jury" is doing now. I find it so funny how the people on the "jury" are annoyed and furious that people manipulated them throughout the game. Apparently none of them ever watched Survivor before they came on the show, because that's how one "stays alive" throughout the game. And some of these people were absolute bitches, yes we all know you're bitter because you're on the "jury" instead of being considered for the million dollars, GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!! It's Survivor, that's how it's played. There's one player this time, Dreamz who made a deal with another player, Yauman, when Yau won the car (there has never been a Survivor season where the person that won the car, won the million dollars), Yau told Dreamz that he could have the car (because D was the only one on the island without a car, and was homeless before starting the game, supposedly, cause you never really know), if both of them got to the final 4, and if Dreamz won immunity for that, that Dreamz would give immunity to Yau. What I find funny, is that Dreamz kept saying was that he was a man of his word, he was gonna show in front of everyone (watching) and his children, that he was a man of his word. And then when it gets to the final four and D does get immunity he doesn't give it to Yau. And then at this last "tribal council" he says he was playing the game all along. That I doubt. My guess is he just changed his mind at the last minute becuase he found out there would be 3 people vying for the million dollars.

And the winner of the million dollars is.....Earl
There wasn't anyone I was really hoping for but out of the 3 that were left, Dreamz, Cassandra, and Earl, I think Earl was the best choice.
In the first time in Survivor history, one person got all of the votes (that being Earl).

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