Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Maybe 6 feet ain't so far down

I wonder if anything really bad can happen if you break your toe and don't do anything about it. Course I'm not entirely sure I broke it.
So, we all know I'm not entirely smart at times. Anyways, I mowed my lawn today and was washing off the mower and realized I'd have to hose off the driveway (now that it's paved), so my parents have some boards on the driveway (well they did), so i was moving them out of the way. Then I went inside to make me some lunch, I had this great idea that I would finish cleaning the driveway and eat my lunch on the porch (after being nicely cleaned up). So, I'm back outside cleaning the driveway, when I realized one of the boards was too close to the driveway, so the water and dirt couldn't run off. I moved that board, and the one on top of it decided to slip off onto the ground, so I had to move that one. Of course that one's all slimy and gross, so I thought I'd move it with my foot. BAD IDEA. The board dropped right onto my big toe, sending a shitload of pain for me to experience, and then a couple seconds afterward, started bleeding. Good sign, right? This was (I'm guessing, 4x4x8) a pretty big heavy board when its falling on you. Yes, I was barefoot, also bad idea. And because I'm such a klutz, I know you have to put pressure on blood, which I did with my handy dandy lunch napkins. So, it stopped bleeding pretty quickly. Then it started to hurt more. I had it propped up and wasn't walking on it. That was about 1:00PM this afternoon.
Later, I'm reading on my couch, and I attempt to bend my toe, not really happening. Which I decided was a bad sign, so I made it bend with my hands, BAD IDEA. Now I'm in pain again. It's pretty bad pain, it's brought tears to my eyes. The only other time I've had pain that made me cry was when I had my kidney stone a couple years back.
So, I'm wondering if it's broken. There's a nice white line on my toenail about 1/4" down the toe. It looks like there's blood building up beneath the toenail, though it's not actually bleeding out. And it hurts when I bend (or attempt to bend) it down.
Any suggestions? Other than going to the hospital? I don't have the money and I'm not about to waste my time at the hospital, I've heard stories about how long it takes to get a person in there, esp when it's not life threatening.


Anonymous said...

do u know of a university called upper iowa university? and how good is it..?

Carrie said...

Hmm, you could tape it up? If it starts turning black or something though, you should definitely go to the doctor.

WW said...

I'm not your damn search engine, try Google.