Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tavern on Main

Cincinnati, OH:
I remember why I love watching Cops so much (other than the hottie cops), you don’t need a scripted movie to get entertainment.
The guy replies “That ain’t even my plate” after being pulled over by the officers. And yet, he’s driving the car, might not be your plate, but it’s on the car you’re driving, so they’re treating it like it’s your car.
And its always fun to see the reaction of someone being tased.
Palm Springs, CA:
In this one, the officers were called to a hotel room because of an excess of phone calls, so they look in the room and there happens to be a crack pipe under the mattress. There’s a chick and a guy, the guy says he just got out of the shower, he says “Smell my body” Yeah, like the officers are gonna do that, his hair is dry, and then he starts saying he just walked in from work. Then they start saying the people didn’t clean the room before they came in, yeah, sure. And the whole “I swear to God” so obviously they’re telling the truth.
Once again, I feel sorry for what the cops have to go through.
Hamilton County, OH:
Goddess and I were talking about how this couple should be hauled off for wasting the officers’ time, I was saying how many prisons there would be if everyone who wasted cops’ time were arrested. It would be so much better if there was a fine. Then the officers could say “I have to write you a $200 citation for wasting my time” wonder how much money police depts could make off that. My guess, they wouldn’t be short on money.


*Goddess* said...

Oooo, I thought they DID give that couple some kind of a citation? Did they just leave with a warning? This is the drawback of ff'ing through to get the screencaps. I was hardly paying attention but I loved the way they were trying to get each other in trouble with the po-leece;)

In the PS's ep, I loved the way the guy kept saying,"Officer, I just got off of work about 20 minutes ago." He must have said it about ten times, as if that precluded him from owning a crack pipe.

Gelato Girl said...

Hi, how are you? I was doing the Google thing searching for various 'Cops' things, and I came across your blog. I was surprised to see how much we have in common. I was hoping we could talk more about cops through e-mail? If you can, send me a message -- Nice to meet you!