Sunday, May 27, 2007

can't you see what the world has done

I was doing my stats this morning, and some of the shit people look up, and then come to my site for is just wrong. I've had quite a few searches for:

Reba's boob job - Ya know from the ACM's last week,

Thank god for turnip greens - which isn't even the real line, the full line is "Thank god for good directions and turnip greens, now I'll get all the searches for that

Cops - from various cities and various officers, I don't see the need to list them all

Derrick Pendergrass - there've been quite a few for him lately, so he gets a separate line ;) (sorry Officer Pilutik)

dirty old men - or some form of that, those searches have been down lately, most likely cause I'm not up in the top results, now I've changed that.

Jason Aldean - different renditions of him, mostly his cowboy hat, though I did have one for his tattoo last week, hell I didn't even know he HAD a tattoo

The strange ones I've had recently:

cops cameraman - like I really know anything about that, like I even give a damn, try the cops website

how to Blow Myself - and thank you so much for coming to my site to find out, jackass

sunglasses worn by Carrie Underwood in before he cheats video - why the hell would you care about that, if you're gonna be looking about stuff in music videos, how about the car in Red Dirt Road by Brooks N Dunn, or the car in Wherever You Are by Jack Ingram, focus on the important stuff people (by the way, if anyone knows what those cars are, I'd be interested in the answer)

bleeding beneath the toe - I don't think I'm the person you should be taking medical advice from, one of my readers maybe, but certainly not me. I'm guessing the medical community would frown upon my response to any kind of accidents: if it hurts, ignore it; if it's bleeding, apply pressure, elevate, and ignore it.

And of course quite a few for song lyrics, also don't feel like listing them all. As much as I love getting visitors, I know most of these people, if not all will not return to read me again.

When I was checking out my stats I was listening to the top 40 countdown (?), mostly because it was the only station without church crap, or nascar crap on, also cause there was a good song on it when I was passing by. Anyways I used to listen to this when I was younger and Casey Casem (sp?) was doing it, now its Ryan Seacrest, who's stupid thought was it to pass it on to him. It's so wrong. Another good thing ruined due to someone's idiotic idea.

Thank you blogger for your autosave, its so nice on days like this when my IE is being an ass, this way I don't lose anything.

I get to go on my walk today, I'm very happy about that. When I first started working I was going to go on it once I got off, but my feet are so tired from standing for 5 -6 hours, all I wanna do is come home and sit. Hopefully, I'll either be standing less, or my feet will get used to standing and I can do my walks more often than the 2 days I have off. Cross your fingers.

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