Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cupid works for the devil

So, I was mowing my lawn today, and when I got out there, there's 2 people standing there talking. One on the sidewalk and one in the middle of my lawn, then they got pissed at me because I was mowing my lawn. Someone's gotta explain the logic in that to me, cause I don't understand
I think I have a lack of sleep hangover, if that makes any sense. Sunday night, my friend Kevin came over about 10, we watched a movie and continued to talk until 5:30 AM. So yesterday, after he left I went to bed, got about 4 hours of sleep. And then was going to go to bed at 10, until Kevin called me and we talked about an hour. And today, my body is just tired. Course pair that with the fact that I haven't had anything substantial to eat since about 7pm on Sunday. And of course George has been visiting since Friday.
After I mowed the lawn, I was eating ice cream. I forgot how good ice cream tastes. I haven't had any in awhile due to the fact my freezer won't work. But I'm getting a new fridge today, so maybe that can change. And maybe the stuff in my fridge will be cold. Not that it was really warm, just not so cold. I was talking with Karli yesterday, and she was commenting on the fact I seem to be getting a lot of stuff lately. It's not my fault everything seems to be at the end of its life. Course we've lived here about 21 years, so I guess that's a good life for a lot of things. Unless you're a person.
Speaking of new stuff, I finally made the appointment to get my countertop in for my bathroom sink. The sink/vanity has a 3 to 4 inch gap on the north side between the sink and the wall. Now we all knew that was gonna be there (I was informed after the sink was put in), but the counter/sink is supposed to go over to the wall, there's supposed to be a spacer stick put in to match the cabinet and there's supposed to be side splashes to match the countertop on the walls, so it kinda looks built in. Yes, I will post a pic, when it's done. I'll stick 2 up so you can see the difference. Hopefully that's supposed to be done Thurs before I go to work. Cross your fingers and hold your breath.
So I broke my granite table yesterday. I was upset (no idea why) and I wanted to beat something, but not fuck up my hand (since, I seem to be real good at that), so I took one of my many empty alcohol bottles and was trying to break it (cause that would show I was really pissed). Glass bounces off of wood, and granite, who knew? I didn't do too much damage, I just have to rotate the top, so you can't see the gouge in the side. I figured the table would break teh bottle not the other way around, oh well.
And of course on my walk (before my fun with the bottle), I got some new blisters, which also don't make sense in the world of logic. My toes were rubbing together, who gets blisters from their toes rubbing together (other than me, cause I'm just talented, or fucked up, pick one). By the time I got to city hall, one of them was bleeding, city hall is about 3 blocks from home. And it took me 15 minutes to get home. Now that's fucked up.

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I just got your IM! Thanks so much, I like it too :)