Thursday, April 19, 2007

I wanna blow myself away

Y'all remember when I said this "the thing with the guy I'm hanging out with lately"? I was planning on 'discussing' it with y'all later and then I got distracted (big surprise there, huh?), but it's good cause with other things that have been happening, I'm still confused. So, I'm asking for advice, feel free to post some.
At that time, that week, I was chatting/hanging out with this guy and confused, with new developments I'm still (more) confused.
I took a couple CJ (criminal justice) classes that this guy happened to be in, one last spring, and one last semester. Anyways, I had set up to meet him somewhere for a supper, he happened to be working that night (this was back in Oct?), and forgot about it. Later (a week, I believe), he invited me to ride along with him on one of his work days (he works with the local PD), and I did, that was fun. We were chatting a bit on AIM. Then I graduated (Dec) and I hadn't chatted with him in awhile, sometime in Jan I believe we did a little more chatting on AIM. Speed forward (with chatting on AIM) to April (my mind is so lost on time lately), a Mon, he gets on AIM, we chat for about 4 hours more or less, then he comes over, takes a short tour of my apt, and we chat about 6 hours, we go to supper (both paying for our own), still chatting, and then I go to see his apt, and we continue chatting. And then he takes me home about midnight, I started chatting with him at 10AM, pretty much chatting most of the day.
Tues, he gets on AIM to say he had fun, that was pretty much it for the day. Weds, he calls me around 9PM or so, says he's getting off work, and wonders if he might come over to watch a movie. He does, we watch a movie and talk more. He goes home close to 3AM. I don't believe I talked to him for the rest of the week.
Guess I chatted a little Sat night. Sun (next week) he chats with me on AIM (I have no idea how long, guessing a couple hrs). Tues, he calls wants to get together and watch another movie, due to my having stuff out, I decline, and we chat a little while on the phone, maybe 30 min or so.
Tues (this week), he calls around 1:30PM and wonders if I want to go get something to eat. We go to McD's (see part of earlier post). He goes to work around 2:30PM. I go for my walk (you should all know about my walks by now). See him at the PD on the way back, no chatting (he looked busy). About 15-20 min later, I call him, he says he was gonna chat when he came back out of the PD but I was gone, we chat about 40 (?) minutes. I called him yesterday (Wed) and we chatted for a few min, not too long. Today, he calls about 2:30PM and asks about going to get something to eat. We go to Jimmy Johns (sub place), we're at the counter, chick takes his order, asks for mine. I think nothing of it (I decided to get nothing, cause I have no money, that's getting to be a trend). He gets a cookie with his meal and tells me I gotta eat some of it (of course I did).
Now, I'm sitting here tonight, chatting with Goddess. And I realize that he didn't say anything to the chick about us being separate when she asked what I wanted. Kinda confused about that.
I like him, I've liked him since I first saw him, but figured wouldn't get any further than facebook (online 'community' site) friends (there's a shit load of good looking guys on campus, and a bunch I'm facebook friends that I like, that won't go any further). I don't know if I'm wanting something that's not there, or what. I find myself searching for his truck at the PD parking lot (I do that when I learn what people drive, so not just cause I like someone). When I was done with my walk today, I was outside with my pig, kinda watching, hoping he'd come by. I find I'm happy when he calls (ok I'm happy when anyone calls, but I like talking to him). Am I hoping there's something there that isn't? Maybe. Is there something there? I don't know, that's where you're advice comes into play. I've never liked someone that may have an interest in me. I've been on one date (technically 2, cause there was a time when a guy bought me dinner, but I still/always see it as friends having dinner).
I'm just way confused, anything y'all wanna contribute would be helpful.


Carrie said...

Hmm, it's hard to say since I"ve never seen you two together, but I think there could definitely be something there. What's his body language like? When you watch a movie, are you on a couch? If so, how far apart do you two sit? If you sit with enough room for at least another person to fit, try sitting a little closer to see how he responds, and other things like that.

Another option--asking him directly how he feels.

Kate said...

I agree with everything Carrie said; it all tends to point to more than a "let's be friends" interest.